Tuesday, February 8, 2011

C. intermedia 'Penn Valley' AM/AOS

C. intermedia 'Penn Valley' is a new addition to my collection. Floradise Orchids, a little over an hour down the road from me, was having a sale and this plant made its way home with me. I believe this plant is from Dr. William W. Wilson of Penn Valley Orchids. This one is a clone but I really liked the flower form when I saw it. I don’t have a large number of bifoliate catt’s but I am excited to have this one. I general, intermedia’s don’t start blooming until April in my area. I suspect this one was grown in Hawaii and as such is a little ahead of us east coast folks. I will look for it to be more in sync with the other next year.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A World of Orchids

A World of Orchids is a roadside attraction from a bygone era. I first read about this shop on the internet, and all of the reviews had nothing but terrible things to say about it. I’ll tell you I found it to be underrated. Sure, their exhibition greenhouse has clearly seen better days, there are holes in the roof, the HVAC system is falling in, the orchids are scarce and in poor condition and there are many other dead tropical plants scattered about….. But it does not take much to see it was once someone’s true pride and joy and a sight to behold. I can imagine the greenhouse full of all different types of blooming orchids and other tropical plants. But those days are gone and A World of Orchids greenhouse looks to be a continuous state of decline.

The front store is another matter. The plants for sale looked healthy and mature, and there were many nice vanda, cattleya, and paph’s to choose from. They also had a healthy amount of supplies available from media to containers. For every review I found on the internet that said to stop by, there were ten that said not to. Well, I feel I would have missed a piece of what Orlando once was, and what the future holds for these roadside attractions. I really thought it was worth my time. This is an article from a local paper that really rings true for me. Your mileage may vary….