Wednesday, November 23, 2011

C. labiata 'Oberlin' x self

This is a first bloom for this seedling and I an very happy with the result. I posted about this plant in December of last year. At the time it was not as happy a plant. I am looking forward to next year when the plant is stronger and the blooms are bigger.

I have not been able to find a picture of 'Oberlin' on the internet, so I am not sure how far off the boom is from the parent. That said I am really happy with the lip.


  1. Gorgeous results. What did you do to get it on the right track? Does watering the flower disturb the length of bloom time?

  2. I think last year it was not doing well with the climate change. It was a seedling from Hawaii and the cold Va winter was likely a shock to its system.

    I general, you probably want to avoid getting the blooms wet. It can cause water spotting and setup conditions where fungus or bacteria grow. In this case I had just watered it in my kitchen sink as I had moved it inside to enjoy and I got sloppy. But it made a nice picture....